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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see frequently asked questions and answers below
How do you come up with the valuation?
Naturally, our valuation engine is our primary asset and we cannot disclose the exact algorithm. But in general, we use past transactions and overall market development in combination with the information provided by the user to calculate the valuation.
How do you calculate indexes?
There are many ways to calculate indexes, but in general you can either compare average transaction prices overall or look for like-for-like changes. Our approach is based on like-for-like changes in prices. For example, a new development with record launch prices has no effect on the index for new properties - only month-to-month sale price differences within the same development affect the indexes. We find this a more realistic way of monitoring how prices develop, because comparing apartments in different developments is like comparing apples and oranges. As an property owner, a new record launch in the area does not mean that your property goes up in value as much. You should really only be concerned about the price changes within the development that you own. And you may find over longer term that, as the property gets older, the price does not go up as much as the average transaction price in the market would indicate.
I cannot find my property - Why?
We are working on including as many of the residential units in Singapore as possibly in our database. Currently, we have most of the private non-landed developments already there. And we're looking into expanding the model to landed properties as well as HDB apartments.