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About Us

PROPERTYVALUE.COM.SG is a free service to obtain valuation of any residential property in Singapore. The main purpose of it is to allow users to easily monitor the value of what is usually their most valuable asset - their home. In addition, we hope property investors, potential buyers and sellers, will find the valuations as well as the market tools very useful.

We take, however, no responsibility for the use of the valuations, and advise that you use them as an indication only. The valuations are provided as is and they are not intented to replace professional valuation.
Almost all real estate web sites in Singapore are run by real estate agencies/agents with a sole motivation to get clients. Therefore, we want to stress you that we are NOT a real estate agency, and the service is not solely provided in order to try to get you buy additional services from us (in fact, we are not currently planning to provide any paid services to our users).

It is not to say that we do not intend to make money eventually. Our goal is to provide value adding services to property owners, including providing links between property owners and commercial service providers. However, as stated in our Privacy Policy, we will never pass any personal level information about you or your properties to 3rd parties without your consent. We want you to be fully in control of any offers you may want to take - and we promise that you are not going to get cold calls or random e-mails from us or our commercial partners.
WHO ARE WE is a service provided by PropertyGuru Limited. The company was founded in 2006 to develop businesses in online real estate marketing services, and is first of hopefully many to come.
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